Make money with
Push Notifications

Pushatomic is a platform for monetizing websites with push notifications

How much money will I earn?

Fill in the form with your unique monthly visitors by country. The result is approximate.
You will earn ? $/month

How to earn with Pushatomic?

  • Push notifications

    We subscribe users from your website and pay you for push notifications sent to your subscribed user database (RevShare). Easy flow and high payouts.

What to monetize?

  • Traffic sources

    • Paid traffic
    • Pop traffic
    • Social traffic
    • Organic traffic
  • Websites

    • Mainstream websites
    • Adult websites
    • Download websites
    • Warez websites

How do we pay?

  • Revenue share

    We pay for push notifications delivered to your subscribers database. Your income depends directly on the quality and geos of your traffic and it increases dynamically with the amount of subscribers that your traffic brings.

Revenue per 1000 unique visitors / month

Benefits of Pushatomic

  • Detailed stats
  • Monthly Payments
  • 24/7 Support

Time to earn!